CERTs Releases Complete 2013 Conference Agenda with Session Descriptions & Speaker Names


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CERTs 2013 Conference

At the CERTs 2013 Conference, a half day of in-depth workshops and an evening reception on February 20th, 2013 will be followed by a full day of sessions, networking time, and exhibits on the 21st.

With the conference less than three weeks away, we’re excited to share with you the full agenda for both days of the conference, complete with workshop and session descriptions and speaker names. If you were wondering what the conference holds in store for you, it doesn’t get much more clear than this!

See all of the details below…

Pre-Conference Workshops & Reception

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


11:00AM-12:00PM Registration, Networking & Exhibitor Time (Terry Haws Hall C)
12:00-1:00PM Lunch, Networking & Exhibitor Time (Terry Haws Hall C)
1:00-5:00PM Your Choice of Three In-Depth Pre-Conference Workshops
  Utilities: Sharing Best Practices to Meet Conservation Goals (Herberger Suite)
This workshop will highlight case studies from utilities and their partners across Minnesota to see what effective energy savings programs might be replicable across service territories. Programs include specific sector targeting, behavior change opportunities, scalable technology-focused projects, and smart measures, among others.
  Moderators: Jessica Burdette & Joe Plummer – Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  Rob Scott-Hovland – Missouri River Energy Services
  Carl Nelson – Center for Energy and Environment
  John O’Neil – Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency
  Jeff Haase – Great River Energy
  Todd Berreman – CenterPoint Energy
  Nick Mark – CenterPoint Energy
  Local Governments: Moving Efficiency & Renewable Energy Projects Forward (Opportunities Suite)
  Is your local government looking for rules of thumb for energy efficiency or wondering if renewable energy is the right fit for you? This workshop will emphasize the sorts of energy-saving projects that local units of government should do now, and focus on why certain technologies are a good fit for certain uses.
  Moderators: Lissa Pawlisch – CERTs; Abby Finis – Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  Tony Mancuso – St. Louis County
  John Paulson – City of Hutchinson
  Garrett Mosiman – Center for Sustainable Building Research
  Wayne Roehrich – City of Brooklyn Park
  Rebecca Spengler – Ely Alternative Energy Task Force
  Solar: Simple Steps to Solar Energy (Stockinger Suite)
  Join solar professionals, Minnesotans with installed projects, and peers to talk about real, concrete steps toward moving your solar project forward. There will be opportunities to discuss your project with a variety of solar professionals. To prepare, feel free to come with your virtual solar site assessment and photos of your site.
  Moderators: Troy Goodnough – University of Minnesota – Morris; Jim Dontje – Gustavus Adolphus College
  Stacy Miller – Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  Eric Jensen – Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
  Matt Karl – Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
  Laura Cina – Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
  Jeff Vetsch – WC CERT
  Diana McKeown – Metro CERT
5:00-8:00PM Reception at the Kelly Inn (Grand Ballroom)

Conference & Exhibition

Thursday, February 21, 2013


7:30-8:30AM Registration, Light Breakfast, Networking & Exhibitor Time (Terry Haws Hall C)
8:30-9:00AM Welcome & Kick-Off (Terry Haws Hall C)
9:00-10:30AM Your Choice of Five Breakout Sessions on Renewable Energy Technologies
  Emerging Technologies: Electric Vehicles & Smart Homes (Herberger Suite)
  Learn about emerging technologies, including electric vehicles and new building technologies (such as smart meters, phone apps, and remote control), and projects that are incorporating these technologies.
  Moderators: Trevor Drake – Metro CERT; Jeff Vetsch – WC CERT
  Jukka Kukkonen – PlugInConnect
  John Carmody – University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Building Research
  Geothermal & Air-Source Heat Pumps: Harness the Earth’s Temperature (Bell & Alexander Rooms)
  Learn about the best applications for geothermal and air-source heat pumps, as well as innovative uses of these technologies in projects throughout Minnesota.
  Moderator: Lise Trudeau – Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  Dean Havel – Electro Industries and Northern Heat Pump
  Jeff Haase – Great River Energy
  Wind Options: Residential, Community & Commercial (Wilson Suite)
  Come learn the latest information about the wind industry in Minnesota, from large-scale commercial development to single turbine projects at farms and schools.
  Moderator: Cheryl Glaeser – Southwest Initiative Foundation
  Kathy Draeger – U of M Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships
  Katie Ledermann – Mahtomedi High School Eco Club
  Jeff Ledermann – Minnesota Department of Education & MAGI
  Shanelle Montana – EDF Renewable Energy
  Biomass Energy: Homegrown Heat for Minnesota (Weidner, Clark & Edelbrock Rooms)
  Learn about community biomass projects throughout Minnesota, how you can do your own, and what technologies and resources are available.
  Moderator: Al Doering – Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
  Rebecca Spengler – Ely Alternative Energy Task Force
  Dan Reek – ZB Engineering
  Wendy Pederson – City of Franklin
  Solar for Your Community: Technologies, Resources & Financing (Stockinger Suite)
  Learn about interesting solar community-ownership and bulk-purchase programs, emerging financing models, differences in markets by technology, opportunities and challenges, and resources to bring back to your community.
  Moderator: Diana McKeown – Metro CERT
  Rosie Hoyem – Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
  Steve Nisbet – Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association
  Jim Dontje – Gustavus Adolphus College
  Timothy Den-Herder Thomas – Cooperative Energy Futures
  Stacy Miller – Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  Laura Cina – Minnesota Renewable Energy Society
10:30-10:50AM Break
10:50AM-12:20PM Your Choice of Five Breakout Sessions on Energy Efficiency by Sector
  Business Efficiency: Improving Your Bottom Line (Herberger Suite)
  Join this interactive session to discuss and learn how your business can analyze return on investment (ROI), meet project partners, discover resources and tools, and reap the rewards of energy efficiency.
  Moderator: Jill Curran – Minnesota Waste Wise – Energy Smart
  Carl Samuelson – Eureka Recycling
  Ryan Verhulst – Minnesota Waste Wise – Energy Smart
  Mark Powers – Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
  Farm Efficiency: Reaping the Rewards (Bell & Alexander Rooms)
  This session highlights recent initiatives in developing farm energy efficiency as a price-competitive energy resource. Come learn about farm energy audits, how an audit will help identify proper energy efficiency improvements on the farm, and super-efficient LED light technology that can boost farm profitability.
  Moderator: Fritz Ebinger – The Minnesota Project
  Shannon Jerabek – McLeod Cooperative Power
  Dana Petersen – Iowa State University – Farm Energy
  John Zimmerman – Zimmerman Farms in Rice County
  School Efficiency: Energized for Savings (Wilson Suite)
  Learn about innovative projects happening in schools across Minnesota and how they have involved students and the community in benchmarking, energy efficiency, and more.
  Moderators: Cheryl Glaeser – Southwest Initiative Foundation; Don Graves – Hibbing Community College & Iron Range Partnership for Sustainability; Bill Mittlefehldt – Northeast CERT
  Erika Bailey-Johnson – Bemidji State University
  Patrick Merrick – Westbrook-Walnut Grove YES! Team
  Rick Wilson – Kennedy Community School
  Home Efficiency: Moving from Audit to Action (Weidner, Clark & Edelbrock Rooms)
  You have heard about all of the ways you can reduce your energy use and save money, and now it’s time to act. Learn how to get past key obstacles on your journey toward energy efficiency!
  Moderators: Sarah Hayden – Central CERT; Terry Webster – Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  Rebecca Olson – Neighborhood Energy Connection
  Terry Webster – Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  Stacy Boots-Camp – Center for Energy and Environment
  Local Government Efficiency: Benchmarking & Financing Tools (Stockinger Suite)
  B3, GESP, and PACE. What do these acronyms have to do with me? Come learn how these tools and programs can help you foster energy efficiency in your local government operations and in your community!
  Moderators: Abby Finis & Peter Berger – Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources
  Mike Bauer – City of Rogers
  Katy Gehler – City of Prior Lake
  Scott Neal – City of Edina
12:20-1:45PM Lunch, Networking & Exhibitor Time (Terry Haws Hall C)
1:45-3:30PM Regional Sessions on Kickstarting Community-Driven Clean Energy Projects
  Join attendees from your CERT Region to identify five energy efficiency or renewable energy projects in (35 projects statewide) that can be implemented by the next CERTs Conference in February 2015. Whether you have an idea to share or are eager to work with others, there’s a role for everyone! Learn more about the Regional Sessions.
  Central (Schilplin & Whitney Rooms)
  Metro (Herberger Suite)
  Northeast (Wilson Suite)
  Northwest (Clark & Edelbrock Rooms)
  Southeast (Mitchell & Swisshelm Rooms)
  Southwest (Weidner Room)
  West Central (Bell & Alexander Rooms)
4:00PM Bus Leaves for Twin Cities


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