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CERTs runs collaborative, educational, and CERTified campaigns. Collaborative Campaigns promote partnering organizations’ energy actions. Educational campaigns provide resources on timely energy topics. CERTified Campaigns provide Minnesotans with clear and actionable ways to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in their community.

Scroll down to check out our current campaigns and take action today! Click here to see past campaigns, and contact us if you have an idea for an energy-saving campaign CERTs should take on.

CERTs makes a measurable impact through our campaigns:

Energy ENERGY SAVED: 65 billion BTUs
Enough to heat 816 MN homes for one winter

Energy MONEY SAVED: $1,631,000 each year
Enough to buy 2,330 ENERGY STAR refrigerators

Energy PARTICIPANTS: 1,383
Residents, Small Business, Schools, Local Governments & more

Water WATER SAVED: 31 million gallons/year
Enough to fill 48 olympic swimming pools

Switch to efficient light bulbs! Start finding the right lights

Guide to energy-efficient lighting

There are a lot of new lighting options out there today, so we created a suite of resources to help you find your way!

  • CERTs Right Light Guide
  • CFL recycling locator
  • Great lighting links
  • Ask an expert service

Start finding the right lights >>

You weigh in – Submit campaign ideas

If you have an idea for an energy-saving campaign that you think CERTs should take on, please tell Alexis your thoughts as completely as possible with your name, email, and phone number (we won’t share any of it). Thanks!

Minnesotans building a clean energy future


    CERTs Partners:

Minnesota Department of Commerce University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships and Extension Great Plains Institute Southwest Regional Development Commission