Take the Minnesota Energy Challenge & Join Your CERT Region!


Minnesota Energy Challenge

Since 2006, the Minnesota Energy Challenge has helped over 27,000 people statewide learn about energy saving actions they can do in their own homes, and at the same time save gobs of money on their utility bills.

We’re big fans of the work they have done, and they in turn have special tracking set up for each of our Regional CERTs. Right now our participating numbers are low… We need to kick some serious Minnesota Energy Challenge butt!

So, how about lots of fantastic prizes and a little inter-regional challenge?

What To Do:

  1. Sign up: Take the Minnesota Energy Challenge (it should take you about 5 minutes to log in, register, and take the challenge). You need to sign up before October 31st at 4pm.

  2. Say what you’re doing: Look through the energy activities and add the ones that you’re doing at home.

  3. Join your CERT group: Find your region here (or click on Teams > CERTs > Region) and then click on “Join This Team,” (the blue button). Your energy savings will then be added to your region’s total!

  4. Spread the word: When you are finished, forward it to five friends in the region and ask them to take the Challenge, too!

The Prizes:

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat Randomly selected winners will receive the following prizes… Drum roll, please…

  • TWO VendingMisers ($179 value each, to be donated to a public school of your choice)
  • ONE Honeywell Programmable Thermostat ($65 value each; for residential self-install or donation to a low-income household)
  • SEVEN CERTs T-shirts (to one person from each CERT Region)
  • TWENTY DVDs of the new CERTs Documentary (ENERGIZED: Communities Building a Clean Energy Future)

That’s right, THIRTY chances to win! But you have to join before October 31st at 4pm to be included in the prize drawings.

Here’s how the regions currently stack up:

  • Central CERT is pretty low on participants, but really high on CO2 savings!
  • Southeast CERT currently has the most participants in greater Minnesota—but wait, West Central CERT is breathing down their necks! (Note: We will roll Sustain Winona numbers in the SE total and PREACT-McLeod in the WC total).
  • Northwest, Northeast, and Southwest CERTs have some work to do, but they’re still in this.
  • And Metro still has the lead, but they best look out…
    We’ll be updating you in the coming weeks how the CERT Regions are doing.

GAME ON! Click here to take the Minnesota Energy Challenge now!


See what these folks are doing to save energy at home, then follow their lead!

Minnesotans building a clean energy future


    CERTs Partners:

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