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Everyone would like to save money on utility bills, and most people want to conserve our natural resources, right? Well, in Southwest Minnesota, what initially started as an effort to raise awareness among tenants, management, and community members about the importance of the responsible use of natural resources such as energy and water turned out to...
As the market for electric vehicles (EVs) grows and local dealerships begin stocking more of them, consumers will be thinking about where to find charging stations. While most EV owners charge their vehicles at home, drivers looking for a charge around town may struggle with an EV charging infrastructure in its infancy.
In one of the state’s most visible and most successful projects, St. Paul’s RiverCentre used $44,000 dollars in Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funding to replace 1,087 high-pressure sodium lights with new, energy efficient fluorescent lamps. The cost of the project was over $125,000 dollars, but RiverCentre, receiving EECBG funding and...
The Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) has recently worked hard to make local businesses shine. Currently, there are only a few solar photovoltaic (PV) flat roof type installations on Minneapolis small businesses and the Kingfield Neighborhood Association is trying to change that.
Buffalo Public Utilities Director Joe Steffel was looking for a way to engage small businesses in his community by helping them to take advantage of energy-saving opportunities. “I knew that there was no substitute for knowledge,” said Steffel, “and using that knowledge to get people to act.””
Keeping costs low is a constant concern for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Nonprofits might be excluded from having to pay taxes, but they don’t escape energy costs just like every other business. In fact, since nonprofits tend to struggle with cashflow, investing in energy efficiency can be more difficult for them than for their for-profit...
Minnesota Power’s Solar Sense program has not only participated in 13 solar installations since May 2004. They also have created a training program for installing and inspecting grid-connected solar photovoltaic electric systems.
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