CERTs 2011 Conference | Feb. 2-3 | St. Cloud, MN



CERTs 2011

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More than 600 people gathered in St. Cloud for our fourth biennial conference!

CERTs Conference Testimonials The CERTs 2011 Clean Energy Convergence united Minnesotans who are blazing the paths to a clean energy future by working on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in their communities. The event brought together over 600 engaged community members on February 2-3, 2011 in Saint Cloud, MN!

Converge: CERTs 2011 was a venue for both broad and in-depth learning opportunities, connecting and networking with engaged community members, and taking action on energy efficiency and clean energy projects. The event began with In-Depth Workshops and an Evening Reception on February 2nd, and continued with a Daylong Conference on the 3rd.

Learn: At CERTs 2011 attendees learned from experts and community members alike on what it takes to get projects done. They found out how individuals and communities are partnering, planning, funding, and implementing projects. They heard success stories and models that demonstrate how to become more energy efficient and harness clean energy while strengthening local economies and protecting the environment.

Connect: CERTs 2011 provided networking opportunities for attendees to connect with Minnesotans of all stripes—community leaders, energy experts, local government staff, teachers and students, utility representatives, business owners, homeowners, farmers—and more. All have the same goals: saving energy, saving money, creating jobs, and powering our future renewably.

Act: Whether they were looking to save energy in their home, business, school, or local government; passionate about installing a renewable energy system like solar, wind, or biomass; interested in educating your community about energy issues; or looking for good training opportunities in Minnesota, CERTs 2011 attendees found just what they were looking for!


Energy Entrepreneurs at CERTs 2011

CERTs is helping entrepreneurs in Minnesota learn, connect, and act! This 10-minute video, hosted by Northeast CERT Coordinator, Bill Mittlefehldt, allows members of the Minnesota business community that attended the CERTs 2011 Conference to tell stories about how they’re saving energy, making money, creating jobs, and improving their communities. Click play below to watch!

Featured leaders include Dr. Jim Bensen with Bemidji State University, Jason Bernick with Bernick’s Beverages & Vending, Jason Edens with Rural Renewable Energy Alliance, Bob Long with Silent Power, Rebecca Spengler with A Laundry Room, Jim Losleben with tenKsolar, Andrew Ssennyonjo with Trier University of Applied Sciences, and students Emily Luckhardt and Allison Fischbach with Rosemount High School.


CERTs 2011 Photos

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We’d love to get more photos! If you took any at the conference, please email them to Dan Thiede at thie0235@umn.edu with your full name so that we can give you credit. Thanks!


Clean + Green Video Shorts Contest

Watch the videos People submitted their digital shorts for a chance to win $500 and cool clean energy prizes—and you got to decide who the winners were! Voting took place from Tuesday, January 18th through midnight on Monday, January 31st. Finalists were screened at the CERTs 2011 Conference Reception on the evening of February 2nd, 2011!

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Meet the CERTs 2011 Keynote Speakers!

We had outstanding speakers kick off the main day of the conference on February 3rd!

Dave Kleis Welcoming RemarksDave Kleis, Mayor, City of St. Cloud: Dave Kleis is a Magna Cum Laude 1989 graduate of St. Cloud State University, and a nine year veteran of the Air Force and Air Force Reserve. He served the St. Cloud area in the Minnesota Senate from 1994 through 2005—seven years as Assistant Senate Minority Leader and six years as ranking Minority member on the Senate Crime Prevention Committee. He established and owns the Central Minnesota Driving Academy since 1991, a driver’s education business that employs 25 people in St. Cloud. Dave was elected as mayor of St. Cloud in November 2005, and was re-elected (running unopposed) in November 2008. He was selected in 2010 by the St. Cloud Time’s readers and area leaders as the most influential person of the last decade.
Dr. Jim Bensen Social Entrepreneurship and Our Clean Energy FutureDr. Jim Bensen, President Emeritus, Bemidji State University: Jim has been involved for four decades in the design and development of private, public, academic and non-profit organizations on the local, state, national and international levels. He has a keen interest in clean energy, was a founding member of the Minnesota Renewable Energy Roundtable, and co-chaired Destination 2025, the visioning initiative of the BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota. Formerly the Dean of the College of Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, he has served as president of the Dunwoody College of Technology and Bemidji State University. Jim holds academic degrees from Bemidji State, University of Wisconsin-Stout, and Penn State. He speaks, writes and consults in the areas of change, entrepreneurship, technology, quality, innovation and the future.
Dr. Christie Manning Engaging the Public for Energy ConservationDr. Christie Manning, Macalester College: Dr. Christie Manning has a bachelor’s degree in Human Factors Engineering from Tufts University and a Ph.D. in Cognitive and Biological Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Psychology at Macalester College. Dr. Manning’s research investigates the cognitive and other psychological factors that influence environmentally-responsible behavior. Her most recent studies examine how people’s perception of psychological distance from an environmental issue, such as global climate change, impacts their response to that issue. In 2007, Dr. Manning was awarded an Environmental Assistance grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. For that grant, she developed a recently published handbook, “The Psychology of Sustainable Behavior,” that describes psychological research on sustainability in practical, useful terms.

Minnesotans building a clean energy future


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