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We’ve compiled some resources for you to spread the word about the CERTs Right Light Guide and other energy-efficient lighting resources! Please let us know if there is anything you need that you don’t see here.


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Today there are many lighting options available. The CERTs Right Light Guide helps you understand how much light you need, decide what color light you want, and learn about the costs and features of LEDs and CFLs. Find the right light for you today at http://lighting.mncerts.org.

Looking for a more energy efficient light bulb? The CERTs Right Light Guide will illuminate the differences between bulbs and help you find the lights you need. Download today at http://lighting.mncerts.org.

Looking for the right light? The @MNCERTs Right Light Guide illuminates the differences between bulbs: http://lighting.mncerts.org.


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Printing Right Light Guides

We’re providing press quality versions so you can print and share them—so either print them in-house or take them to your local print shop! They’re all ready to go for either use.

Other ideas for sharing:

  • Hardware stores can laminate one and hang it in their lighting aisle
  • Local governments can distribute the guide to their citizens—or just include a link to it in their newsletters
  • Organizations can provide printed copies to their audiences, spread the word in their newsletters and at events
  • Individuals can spread the word via email and social media, give copies to friends, family, and co-workers, and hang up a sign in local coffee shops and gathering places

Customizing Right Light Guide for Utilities

The guide has already been customized for over 90 utilities, and we would love to create a custom guide with your branding that you can share with your customers! We’ll make this for you at no cost to you. Click here to see an example. Just email Alexis Troschinetz at atroschi@umn.edu with these items:

  • Name of utility as you want it printed
  • High resolution logo (EPS and AI files preferred)
  • Phone number for primary consumer contact
  • Utility website you want included
  • How you plan to share the guide, and how many people it will reach

Release: Guide to Efficient Light Bulbs Helps Curious & Confused Consumers Updated resource illuminates differences among light bulb choices

Read full press release Statewide, MN – “Lighting accounts for 5-10% of total energy use in the average American home and costs $50 to $150 per year in electricity. That might not sound like a huge amount, but when you multiply that by the more than 2 million households in Minnesota, it adds up fast.

Due to federal legislation and vast improvements made by the lighting industry, people now have many more choices when they walk down the lighting aisle. In the last two years, CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs have become more reliable and CFL bulb costs are nearly as low as incandescent bulbs. In the same two years, LED (light emitting diode) technology has advanced significantly and LED light bulb prices have dropped four-fold. But all of these changes have not made the decision-making process any easier.

“We want Minnesotans to know they can light their homes with the same amount of light for less money,” said Alexis Troschinetz with the Clean Energy Resource Teams. “We know there are a lot of lighting choices out there today, and we know it can be confusing, so we based our Right Light Guide on what consumers said they needed to know and the questions they had about the different bulbs.”

Click here to read the full release and share it with others >>

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