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Elizabeth Dickinson, known in the superhero community as Dance Solar, and her husband Christopher Childs, or Greenpeace Guy, own a home in Saint Paul powered by solar and work to educate and support others in Minnesota interested in clean energy! Watch the video to learn more about them and their powers of enthusiasm.
Did you know that you can help groups in your community save water, energy, and money with easy-to-install spray valves and faucet aerators? It’s true! Both are discounted through the CERTs Water-Saving Bulk Buy and through rebates by Minnesota utilities, and the payback could not be faster.
Starting on Earth Day, 2012, two Minnesota families are facing off to see who can save more energy at home, and they’re not doing it alone. They’re depending on people like you to join their teams and take action! Your energy-saving efforts earn points for your team, and the team with the most points on Earth Day 2013 wins!
Hear a teacher, a homeowner, and a business owner talk about their solar projects! About the event: 99 people gathered in Woodbury, MN on March 1, 2012 for a free workshop to learn the basics about solar energy, hear from a panel of homeowners and businesses that have installed solar projects, find out about incentives and rebates for installing solar...
This video introduces energy audits and the benefits they provide. Audits can be done for any type of farm. Ask your electric utility about energy audits they provide or auditors they recommend.
Mark Welna, owner of Welna Ace Hardware in Minneapolis, talks about the questions they get at their store about lighting. Making decisions about bulbs can be tough, but CERTs has created a ‘Right Light Guide’ to illuminate options and help you choose.
Rebecca Lundberg and Dan Williams, the owners and operators of Powerfully Green in Champlin, MN, fly by night as Little Miss Sunshine and Watt Weenie. They have been bringing renewable energy to Minnesota’s Twin Cities and surrounding areas since 2007 by installing high-quality solar electric and thermal systems.
On January 11, 2012 CERTs was joined by over 150 Minnesotans to tour Silicon Energy’s new solar PV manufacturing facility in Mt. Iron. Several educational speakers filled us in on the rising importance and presence of solar energy on the Iron Range and across the state, followed by a presentation and tour from president Gary Shaver and lots of...
Innovative superhero Gutsy is known to his colleagues as Randy Hagen, President of Solar Skies in Alexandria, MN, where he and his team manufacture solar thermal hot water collectors and mounting hardware.
The Gustafson Family from West St. Paul share what they do at home to save energy and how you can do the same! To learn more about saving energy, visit http://mncerts.org and to start saving at home, take the Minnesota Energy Challenge at http://mnenergychallenge.org.


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