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Two-page fact sheet covering the basics about CERTs. Learn about the Clean Energy Resource Teams, the work we do, our approach to advancing clean energy in Minnesota, and how you can get involved. A great resource to share with others to introduce them to CERTs.
Solar air heat is often one of the most cost competitive solar technologies available in colder climates, and Solar water heating is up to 70% efficient in converting the sun’s energy into usable heat. Download this factsheet to learn more about both technologies and how they could be utilized on your farm.
This report examines nine community solar projects, what’s made them possible, and barriers that remain. The importance of community solar and its potential future role in expanding solar power ownership is underscored by data on solar PV potential, showing that while nearly every state could get 20% of its power from rooftop solar alone, only a...
Solar Energy Systems for Small Commercial Businesses is a guide to assessing, investigating, and contracting for solar energy systems for smaller commercial businesses.
USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program provides assistance to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for a wide variety of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, including solar PV and solar thermal projects. This factsheet offers tips from Kellye Rose at Rose Consulting Service and Ron Omann with USDA Rural Development about how...
When you’re interested in planning a solar energy project, knowing the basic steps can take a lot of the confusion out of the process. This factsheet walks you through six steps to planning a farm or business solar project: (1) Get educated, (2) Start planning, (3) Seek advice, (4) Get bids, (5) Install solar, and (6) Tell your story. Get started today!
Have you been looking for a guide that provides simple steps to installing a solar project on your home or business, or in your community? This two-page primer walks you through the steps you need to take to begin powering your life with solar energy. Topics include (1) What you should do before you begin, (2) Getting educated, (3) Starting planning, (...
Solar-Powered Electric Fences for Farms and Ranches: Electric fencing can be powered by solar photovoltaic energy, perfect for temporary, portable, or remote applications. Solar-Powered Water Pumps for Farms and Ranches: Solar photovoltaic-powered water pumps are a versatile and cost-effective way for you to provide water remotely.
The Rural Minnesota Solar Initiative is a resource to help farmers and small business owners learn more about how solar can work for them, and provide the needed assistance to catalyze projects. Why here? Minnesota is a great place for solar energy, with more annual solar energy potential than Houston, TX and nearly as much as Miami, FL! There are...
Handout for the City of Saint Paul Solar and Energy Efficiency Tour on July 26th, gives an overview of each of the systems that were part of the tour. Includes information on the following solar arrays:


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