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Here’s what people said about CERTs 2011…

If you’re in the clean energy field or a business or community group seeking to understand more about clean energy in Minnesota, this is the best networking event per dollar spent available. – Tim Ollhoff The CERTs Conference is an invaluable and unique opportunity to stay up-to-date in the clean energy field. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have referenced things I learned, presenters I heard, and people I met at the conference. Please keep up the great work! – Anne Dybsetter The CERTs Conference is the best comprehensive energy gathering in the region. If you are sincerely interested in lowering your home or business energy costs and shifting toward renewable energy, this is the place to be. – Fritz Ebinger
The CERTs Conference was an excellent opportunity to meet community leaders, industry leaders, and others ready and willing to discuss emerging strategies, best practices, and the needs of Minnesota communities in order to enhance economic development through energy conservation and renewable energy. – Brad Clifford, North Star Community Development Corporation The whole conference was so positive and uplifting. It confirms that we are heading toward a clean energy future. – Merlene Stiles If variety is what you seek, this is the place for it. Meeting professionals from different sectors with similar concerns creates a new perspective regarding how to accomplish one’s goals. The diversity of the attendees and the vendors provided networking opportunities related to my professional, personal, and social life. The conference and CERTs have allowed me to be a better environmental steward in all aspects of my life. – John Paulson
As someone new to Minnesota, it was a wonderful experience to see so many people actively working to address energy and sustainability issues. – Edward Cohen It was an opportunity to make many new friends and contacts. CERTs and the people that attended broadened my outlook, expanded my business opportunities, and helped me create new friendships. There were also great sessions where a lot of information was disseminated. – Joe Pajari, Environmental Homes LLC Great opportunity to learn some of the energy-related activities going on in the state and within specific regions and network with folks that work within that area. It’s worth your time to attend! – Becky Philipp, Agricultural Utilization and Research Institute
I am currently the student sustainability assistant on the University of Minnesota-Crookston campus. I came to this conference seeking information on what can I do to help our sustainable initiatives on campus. I left the conference on a cloud. I had so many ideas and thoughts running through my brain that it was difficult to do any school work! All I wanted to do was work on making our initiatives better and more fluid. – Ben Sullivan I think small town officials should be required to attend the CERTs Conference in order to keep their job. They are the frontline to helping their residents and businesses fight the high cost of energy. The conference can open many doors and network connections to making things happen. – Larry Killien The workshop I attended was well organized and the information received was valuable. I was energized by the experience. I have taken information back to my church’s energy team and we hope to implement several of the suggestions. – Joy Throm
It is great to be around so many people that are looking to our energy future and exploring the possibilities! – Robin Raplinger It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals and organizations, and a great opportunity to get energized to go home and do some good work. – Ardy Nurmi-Wilberg Rosemount High Green Team students had a great time at the conference and were honored to be able to share their carbon-cutting project with others. They loved the exhibits and the chance to hear what other schools are doing. They said they wished the conference were held every year! – Veda Kanitz
The biennial CERTs conference is Minnesota’s best gathering of sustainability-oriented businesses, assistance organizations, and civic leaders working to improve local communities. – Philipp Muessig The CERTs conference is a unique learning and sharing experience for anyone interested in saving energy. There are so many great energy-saving products on hand with experts that fully explain the cost and implementation procedures. If you are looking to save energy this is a must attend event! – Steve Brehm I really enjoyed the conference—people were friendly and full of suggestions in regards to where to look for employment opportunities in this green career field. The CERTs staff were some of the easiest people to talk to. – Matt Hatzinger
The CERTs conference was inspiring. It was great to hear about different projects and how schools, communities, and businesses are involved with renewable energy. A great place to rub elbows with people concerned and excited about renewables in all parts of our state. – Julie Alsum This conference is always a great way to meet new people and keep up with the latest developments in energy! – Bill Sierks This is a great networking opportunity and it re-inspired me to keep doing what I am doing. – Theo
From my perspective as both a speaker and an attendee, the conference was well-organized and provided valuable information and networking opportunities. It gave Energy Smart a chance to network with other energy efficiency experts from across Minnesota as well as see what other organizations are doing to promote energy efficiency to consumers, government, non-profits and businesses. Very happy to be involved! – Kelly Spors Great grassroots collaboration with relevant topics and fantastic representation from across the state. – Jean Bardeaux I am an educator at a technical college for HVAC/R. I will pass some of the info on to my students and some on to administration. It will help us steer our program in regard to energy conservation. – Mark Wood
I am a project manager looking to create a successful second career in the fields of renewable energy and business and resource sustainability systems. This conference brought together a great combination of private, public and NGO experts who were willing to share their visions with the conference attendees. Above and beyond that, they were willing to share their personal energy, experiences, and support with an unemployed but eager “green” learner. – Bob Dehnke I came home with renewed energy (pun intended!) and a desire to stay connected with people I met at the conference. – Andrea Lauer The CERTs conference was an excellent opportunity for community groups, educators, business, students, and government representatives to connect, share, and learn from each other. The breadth and depth of pertinent knowledge and information on efforts in Minnesota and the U.S. to build a more robust energy profile through energy conservation and renewable energy was well organized, impressive, and useful. – Michael Kemper
This conference will leave you feeling excited about what is possible for creating a cleaner, healthier community and also creating jobs with all of the leading-edge new technologies. Learning that many of these green industries are right here within MN is great news! The future is what we create. The tools for greatness are all around you and there are like-minded people that support you in this vision. The future generations will thank us for taking action now! – Jeanne Collins This is an excellent venue for people to learn what folks are capable of doing to improve the energy footprint of our household, our neighborhood, our community, and beyond. It is truly amazing what can be accomplished when people decide to work actively and collaboratively to make this a better place. CERTs has a wonderful forum for people to share best practices, exchange ideas, and encourage ACTION! Kudos to the CERTs team!! – Bob McLean This was such a great conference! Everything was well-organized, the food was great, there was a wide-variety of exhibitors, and plenty of networking opportunities. As a presenter, I felt well taken care of and honored to be there. Overall, it was a great experience, and I’ll definitely be attending again! – Chelsey Shoup

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