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Customize & Use the Order Form

This is a Required Step of Saving Watts and Drops.

By clicking here or on the image at right, an editable order form will begin its download to your computer. There are fields for your team to complete.

Download and customize Order Form>>

The following Order Form fields should be completed in collaboration with the utility partner:

  • Two price values in the Product Pricing box
  • Image associated with the Utility (their logo)
  • Image associated with the Product Information

The utility will prepare a 3 inch by 3 inch image containing the important product information to convey to your fundraiser customers. The Product Information image from the utility should include an image of the exact product being sold.

The suggested retail price and the fundraiser price is shown on the order form so that customers know how the cost of your item compares to the cost they could pay for the product in area stores. Your group will work with the utility to establish the fundraiser price, because it will depend on the item’s cost, how much of that cost the utility plans to recoup from the community or youth group, and the utility rebate amount that will be applied. The group and the utility may decide to match or be lower than retail prices to show a comparable price and therefore show customers that your fundraiser is a good deal for them. Or, the group and utility may decide to set the price at or slightly above retail in order to have a more robust fundraiser. If the fundraiser price is at or above retail, the group will want to be prepared to justify to customers why the cost is higher (for example, maybe there is a specific project cost that the fundraiser aims to cover and the community will want to support that project through the slightly higher cost).

An address may be necessary for your utility partner to know where the energy efficient products are going. Phone numbers and emails may be necessary if you plan to follow up and ask if the customer has installed their energy efficient product(s). Your group will want to discuss both of these with the utility partner to know whether they would like this information, too. It is also may be good to have some form of contact information from the customer just in case a product recall occurs (which would be highly unlikely). If you have a proper disclaimer posted or shared, you may make calls to see if the customers would be interested in purchasing more LED bulbs through the fundraiser after the initial ask or after an event, depending on the approaches your group is using.

Before you start selling, discuss to whom checks should be made payable and whether there needs to be something written in the memo line to process the check correctly. Also, add your group name and the names of people in your group responsible for the sales on the order form.

Using this order form is one of the only requirements of accessing and using the Saving Watts and Drops Fundraisers resources. Please be sure to use it and if you’re having any difficulties customizing or using it, email fundraisers@cleanenergyresourceteams.org


Submit Completed Order Forms

This is a Required Step of Saving Watts and Drops.

Send copies of completed order forms to your utility partner contact and to fundraisers@cleanenergyresourceteams.org at the following times for the different fundraiser approaches:

  • Pre-Order: Once all orders have been collected from group members.
  • Selling Direct: At the end of your fundraiser (either an agreed upon time with the utility or when the items are all sold).
  • Selling at Events: After each event.

Sending copies of the completed order forms is one of the only requirements of accessing and using the Saving Watts and Drops Fundraisers resources. Please be sure to send the copies and if you’re having any difficulties, email fundraisers@cleanenergyresourceteams.org


Click to download and customize Order Form


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