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Jacob Selseth
West Central CERT Coordinator
Clean Energy Resource Teams
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Coming from a long line of tradespeople including tinners, brick masons, plumbers and electricians. Selseth grew up around hands on folks that build and install the things that make our buildings work. This led him down a path where he could leverage that background and build on it while earning his B.S. in Energy Management from Moorhead State University. He began as a intern at Moorhead Public Service in a time they were developing the “Capture the Wind” program that provides wind energy to its customers. From then on he was hooked on helping people make wise decisions on how they use energy and choose the best technologies to achieve their goals. He became a Certified Energy Manger with the Association of Energy Engineers to better help lower energy bills, reduce carbon footprint and increase production while maximizing efficiency. Selseth has enjoyed working from multiple sides of the meter including generation, distribution and directly for consumers. This gives him a unique understanding of each perspective and aides greatly in navigating the industry to find the best energy solutions. Jacob likes to think we can always be improving and do things better. He looks at all types of energy and technology to best achieve peoples goals. When not thinking of ways to better use energy he keeps his feet on the ground with his three boys working in the barn, gardening and finding other ways to play in the dirt. When he wants to pick up the pace a bit he is an avid alpine skier and triathlete.


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