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If you’d like to volunteer and get updates from CERTs, fill out the form below. Our email updates keep you in the loop on energy-related events, news, and funding opportunities. If you only want to get updates and don’t want to volunteer, please sign up here.

Join a CERTs Team

There are CERTs Teams in each of the seven Minnesota regions. Each team hosts regional events and is guided by a regional steering committee. See the region pages to learn more about each region’s work. See events to join us at a meeting, or contacts for more specific information.

Start a Project in Your Community

Communities across Minnesota are actively exploring renewable energy options because of the initiative of area groups. Get something going in your city by working with CERTs to assess the best opportunities for renewable energy and working with leaders in your community to make it happen. Check out our case studies to see what teams in Minnesota are doing. Our technology and project planning resources will also prove quite helpful.

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